Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Writing Update - Claimed

Prologue and first three chapters are mostly edited. I'm getting a little discouraged, I'm trying to find my groove, and it's not happening as quickly or easily as I thought it would. I've never done this before, so I'm in the trial and error zone. Do I edit the paper and then go back and edit in the doc? Seems redundant to me. It's playing with my eyes too, trying to change focus between my printed page, and my computer screen. Argh...I need to find something that works for me so I can get excited about it and not stall when I should be working. I keep trying new set ups, and new ways and so far, I'm still working on it. I've got my laptop, jumbo notebook (to hold first and second drafts, as well as research), and my tablet that I need to make space for. During the writing process, I sat on the couch - but now it's kind of hard to spread out there. Unfortunately, sitting on a hard chair at the dining table isn't doing it for me, desks in general are kind of hard for me to work at, physically, and creatively. I'm short, and tables and desks always seem too high for me to work at comfortably. I have a chair that I can lift, but then my knees are too close to the bottom and more than once I've jammed my knee into the underside of the thing when I was trying to get comfortable - that didn't really help any. Part of it's my clumsiness, but you get the idea. Tonight I tried a different set up on the couch and it might work. We'll have to see. My goal was to have this finished by the end of the year, and at this rate, it's going to be close...I need to get into my groove and get working. Thanks for listening to me rant a bit...


  1. Hang in there! :) You're doing a great job! You've accomplished so much already. I've found that if you take your manuscript in sections (say five chapters at a time), sit down where it's the most comfortable and edit with a pen and paper. Then go to the computer and edit on the screen (at a later time), sometimes you can catch things that you want to change or errors you've missed. I know it seems redundant, but it's like you're double checking yourself. Don't edit too much in one day -- it makes your eyes go cross :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! You're does make your eyes cross!

    I noticed the other night I was missing things on screen that I'd caught on paper, but it could have been because I was tired, so I'm going to do another experiment, but if I'm catching more with paper and pen, then I'm definitely going back to that. But it feels so redundant and that's what my brain's fighting against...

    We've been super busy around here so I haven't gotten to spend alot of time with it, which is another reason it feels like it's going so slowly...Patience is not a strong suit of mine...