Sunday, October 11, 2009

Werewolf Conversation with a Five Year Old

He doesn't want to sleep in his own room, by himself. His sisters told him, "no." He's on his way to ask his brother now. But before I got him to go up and do that, he tried to convince me he needed to sleep in my room. He said he was scared because of the werewolf on the Jonas Brother's haunted firehouse episode. I suggested he wear the Santa hat that's still out from last year, explaining that even werewolves liked Santa - he didn't go for that. He then asked if I had werewolves in my room, I told him no, because I wrote about vampires the wolves left me alone. Here's our convesation: "Mom, werewolves aren't real" "Really? Then why are you afraid of them?" "Because I'm five," he said with exasperation - like it's obvious. So, yeah, my son is scared of something he told me isn't real, and it's because he's five. At least that's his logic. He makes me that little boy!

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