Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update on Sirius

He made it through the night (at one point, I was worried he wouldn't). He ate at 8:20, and it's now 2 hours later. He's kept it down. He even chose his crunchy food. Fed him again at 10 am. We're doing frequent small meals, trying not to stress out his belly. Vet called me at 9:45 to see how things were going. He doesn't normally call patients to see if their dog has stopped puking, but because it's Sirius, he called. He fought really hard 14 months ago to keep him around, Doc wants to keep it that way. Last night, I wondered if he'd make it through the night because he had no energy. He went from playful to lethargic. I worried he wasn't getting enough food to fuel his body. I even told him good bye last night. Sat there and stroked his head and whispered to him. I let him know I loved him, and that he'd been an awesome dog. That if he had to go, I didn't like it, but I understood. Then I went to bed and prayed some more. I need this to work. I'm cautiously optimistic this morning - we still have the whole day ahead of us, and things can change. But hopefully this anti-vomit medication is working. I know he's alot more interested in eating, maybe because his tummy doesn't hurt? If he keeps it down, then energy, strength, and personality can all come back, he'll have the fuel for it. One of the other reasons for this medication: if it doesn't work, we know he's doing more of a regurgitation instead of a vomit thing. That then points us in the direction of mega-esophagus vs a bug. My gut tells me it's not regurgitation. He's uncomfortable before it happens, like you feel before you toss your cookies. We also wonder if there's some acid reflux going on. Maybe that burp just brings up a little more than he bargained for. We'll be starting him on zantac today, just to see. He was playing with Zeus this morning, that was good. But he's had ups and downs in a day previously, so again, I'm cautiously optimistic. Need to see more consistency, more of the good things, less of the bad things. Come on Sirius, you can do this. Thanks for all the words of encouragement ladies. I really need and appreciate them. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. Doc told me this morning that the anti-vomit meds can make him sleepy in the beginning. I feel so much better about how he did last night. That helped too. Think he felt bad for forgetting to tell me.

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