Friday, June 11, 2010

Felt Like a Change

Sometimes life seems so out of control, you're just running and barely keeping up. That's been my year. But sometimes, you can give life a big ol' raspberry and take control of something - even little things. I did that this morning. If you've visited my blog before, you know it didn't look like this yesterday. I took control, took a chance, and made some changes. Now, I'll go hide under my bed. Being wild like this could really have some serious ramifications. I just thumbed my nose at the bad luck fairy. Have no idea how she'll retaliate ;) Actually, I'll be fine. I'm sure. Really. Fine. I'll just sit on the bed, so I can dive under if necessary. There, are you happy now? Thank you to all my friends who've helped us out this year. Your encouragement and prayers have been jewels in the mud pit of my life. Many jewels have been found, which I guess makes the mud pit worth being thrown into. Thanks guys!

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  1. I like this style. It's easier on my eyes.