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I Vampire Kissed a Girl, and I Liked It – Contest Entry

I got brave today. I entered a writing contest.

It's a flash fiction contest, the stories must be under 1000 words, have a vampire theme, and the words Vampire Kissed in the title. Here's my entry. If you like it, please go here and vote for me. There's a voting poll on the main contest page. My piece is in the forum, as are others. To read theirs, or leave comments (I would prefer you leave comments about the piece on the forum instead of the blog, but both work too) you need to register, but it's quick and painless, they're just trying to keep spammers away.


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I Vampire Kissed a Girl, and I Liked It



"Anna, Jack, I need to see you after class." Mr. Johns, our math teacher said. Although I'm good with numbers, I found it hard to keep up with him sometimes. Maybe I'd fallen behind. Lately, all I could think about was Anna, and that intoxicating blend of cinnamon and coconut that trailed after her. It called to me, filled me. That's how I knew she was my mate.

Vampires only have one mate, ever, and she's mine. Being around her was torture.

Being away was worse.

Anna didn't go for guys like me. Every time I saw her with one of those brain- dead football players I wanted to kill the guy. I felt strong, felt big and powerful, but in reality? I looked like a chess club geek.

My mother thinks it protected everyone around me until I had better impulse control. She was probably right.

I'm a born vampire, not a made one. As far as we know, I'm the only one. This was new territory, however now we knew I had a mate. Everyone wondered if I would. Now I just have to convince her.

The bell rang.

"Jack, Anna, don't forget, I need to see you." Time to get this over with.

Mr. Johns straightened the papers on his desk and waited for the last student to leave. "Anna, you're failing my class."

Anna looked down at her feet. It was game day, and all the cheerleaders dressed in their uniforms - tight sweaters, short skirts, ankle socks and white shoes. They all matched, but Anna still stood out.

"Extracurriculars are out if you can't bring up your grade," he continued.

"But it's –"

Mr. Johns cut her off. "I'm sorry. Those are the rules."

What would he hold over my head? I had no extracurriculars. "Jack, I wondered if you'd help Anna. You're the best student I have." Huh, not failing? That's good. A chance to share the same space with Anna? Even better.

We met three times a week. By the second week we joked like friends. The third week her wall had been knocked down, as if by a wrecking ball. The pieces were dust, impossible to put back together.

I did the unthinkable. I asked her out.

She looked away as she whispered words that staked me through the heart. "I don't know if that's a good idea, Jack."

Guess I was wrong about the wall. "But I thought -"

"I do." She reached out quickly and touched my arm. "I really do. It's just you're…"

"Not a jock?" I finished for her.

"Yeah." She sighed and pulled her hand away, leaving a cold emptiness behind.

A smile touched her glossy lips, and not for the first time, I wondered what the gloss would taste like. It smelled like strawberries.

"I have an idea." She chewed her lip in a nervous gesture, then lifted her eyes to mine.

"You know the cheer squad has kissing booths in the town carnival tomorrow, right?"

Not really something I wanted to think about. Other guys with their lips on hers, tasting her strawberry lip gloss. She was mine. I swallowed my pride, and the ultimatums that begged for freedom.

"Yeah, I heard something about that."

"Well, there's a few booths, and the occupants are kept secret until after the tickets are bought… I'm in booth three."

"What?" I'm normally more articulate, I promise.

"I haven't told anyone else. I want you to be first in line." Her eyes sparkled with hope.

I couldn't sleep that night. I fantasized about our first kiss. My first kiss. An epiphany blasted through me while sleep taunted me.

I knew what to do.


"Time to open the booths, guys! Let the kissing commence!" The mayor pulled the string that opened all the booths. Lines formed for all but booth three. The only one standing there? Yours truly.

Anna looked around, confused. I held up a huge handful of tickets. Her smile was worth every penny.

"You bought them all?" Her eyes glistened with tears.

I nodded.

"I've never felt so special before. Thank you, Jack."

"You gonna stand there talking all night, or collect your kisses, boy?" The mayor stood off to the side with a wide grin and eyes lit with laughter.

I walked closer, then changed my mind.

I went around back instead, and let myself in. I used my vampire skills and mentally closed the curtains. For good measure, I jammed the door shut too.


Close to the edge of control, I stalked closer to Anna, backing her against the wall and took my kiss. The gloss tasted as good as it smelled, so did Anna. I yanked the reins tighter around my control. My fangs pushed at my gums. I'd always felt pressure before, a dull ache, but never this throbbing need. I had to claim Anna.

"Do you trust me?" Please say yes.


For the first time ever, my fangs punched through my gums, fully descended. My fingers transformed into claws and dug into the wood beside Anna. I leaned close and inhaled her scent once more. It would never be the same. Soon it would carry the subtle scent of her mate. Of me.

I dragged my tongue across her neck like a cat licking cream. She tasted better than I ever dreamed. I bit down. My mouth filled with her blood and I drank.

She gasped.

I moaned.

Necessary change, good change, swept over me, but I didn't care. I had Anna.

I pulled away and licked my mark, then leaned my head against the booth's wall, content. Anna would always be mine, always bear my mark.

"Jack? You look like the men women drool over on paranormal romance covers. What happened to you?"

"You. You happened."

She kissed me again, just as eagerly as the first time. I liked it.

We still had a whole night's worth of tickets to use.


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