Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kids and Dogs

My life is full of them. Strange noise over the baby monitor - I think possible seizure Emma: Zeus puked on Carter's blanket Carter whines: Not again! They know the baby monitor is on, so they holler out what's going on so we know. It was a good test. They did well. Sunday morning, Sirius urped a little water and food onto Carter's blanket, so he was very dismayed that it happened again, only with a different dog. Zeus is odd. At first, I thought he brought up a hair ball. Nope. It was the material from one of their toys, he'd swallowed it to keep it away from big dog, apparently. I also found an inch long (at least) section of his leather leash. He's like a bull shark - eats everything. I just thought he chewed through the leash yesterday, not swallowed part of it. Silly dog. All these discoveries because of an odd noise on the baby monitor this morning.

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