Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's Sirius Update

Sunday was better than Saturday. Saturday he brought something up twice. Sunday, just once in the morning. That might have been user error though. Maybe a clump of peanut butter in the back of the throat gets gagged back up. Could be normal. Here's what I think happened, but I have no training. I just know my dog. I could be wrong. I think something made him sick. He definitely didn't feel well. Last year, when he was so sick, we think the closure at the bottom of his esophagus was damaged. It wasn't keeping stuff in. We got a miracle that weekend when it started working again. I wonder, if this year, when he was sick, it irritated that closure. Once we were able to get him to stop throwing up, it gave that closure time to right itself. He's still bringing stuff back up a little bit, but it's gotten better as the vomiting stopped. His esophagus is bell shaped at the bottom instead of straight. I don't think it's ever fully closed. If he eats and drinks too fast and then runs to play, he "urps". A little bit of water and/or food comes back up, but he keeps going on his way - it doesn't bother him. It's just how he's always been. The three times that's happened Sat/Sun, that's been his reaction. In the days before, that was not the case. Anyway, doc wants to be kept updated. I've got anti-vomit meds for tonight and tomorrow, and we'll see how he does after that. He's got antibiotics for the next week, and an almost two week supply of zantac - in case it's heartburn related. Anyway, as things are looking up for him, I'm looking around the house for things to sell so I can pay off his vet bill. It's not ginormous, but everything's big when extra barely exists. They're being really great with me though. I really appreciate their help.

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