Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Monday

Oh, my! Things are quiet and I'm alone! That hasn't happened since Tuesday morning of last week! Got a bit more editing done on Claimed. Today I'm going to double check the punctuation around my quotes. I think this is a weak area of mine, and I don't want to drive my friends crazy when they read it for me! Went to the Y again this morning. I was on the eliptical for 45 mins. I think I did 20 and 25 the other times I was there. I pushed buttons today to see what would happen (I held on tight with the other hand though, incase it tried to throw me off). I found ways to make it harder so I use more calories in a shorter amount of time - I use more muscle groups too! Anyway, gotta go get cleaned up from the gym, then go to Hobby Lobby to use some coupons for some Christmas shopping :) Then I can get back to my edits. Just waiting for the dog to come back in.

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