Friday, November 6, 2009

He's Home!

My cousin, Brandon, is home from Iraq! He was stationed, last I heard, in the Baghdad area. For most of his tour I thought he was tucked away on a ship in the Gulf, after all, he's Navy. I thought they pushed buttons and watched things go boom somewhere far away, and they caught airplanes that landed on their ship. Boy was I wrong! He's a bomb technition. When they find IED's, he's the guy they call in to disarm them. He gets to wear the shirt that says, "bomb tech. If you see me running, go!" Sadly, he replaced someone who made a fatal mistake. Needless to say, his mom's been stressed and on pins and needles this whole time. He's been expected home for a bit now, but his dates have been pushed back a few times. Home for him is Utah, and since I'm in Missouri, I wasn't able to be there, but my mom was. She called, and with a joyful voice, said, "He's home! We've all hugged and kissed him, and cheered for him and the rest of the soldiers that got off the plane!" I bet that was something special she got to be a part of. I'm glad you're back safely Brandon, and from the depths of my soul, thank you. I'm honored to call you my cousin.

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