Saturday, December 12, 2009

Smart Doesn't Mean Common Sense

This is my 12 year old...yep, his tongue's stuck to the metal post out back. I think it was about 9 degrees out there.
I was sitting in the rocking chair and heard a muffled, "hep". I wondered what the sound was, it kind of sounded like my son calling for help, and then it came again, "hep!" I was positive I'd heard it this time, so I peeked out the back door - this is what I saw. It wasn't a joke - I checked, I didn't want to go out in that weather if I didn't have to.
He wasn't joking, he also didn't look upset, so I told him I'd get the cameras first. If he was going to make me go out there, I figured he owed me.
Anyway, I snuck a few pics from the shelter of the deck, and got a small conversation on the camcorder. Then I rescued him with some warm water. His lip got stuck too, and it bled a bit, but other than that, he was okay.
I asked him why, and he did think about it. Here are his brilliant, although flawed deductions:
I thought if I did it fast enough it wouldn't stick.
I thought it would be more comfortable than the fence line if I got stuck.
The freezer downstairs must not be as cold, cause I rescued myself from that one.
This is the kid that took the ACT a 7th grader. He's in the challenge classes as well as the gifted program. Just goes to show you that common sense and being smart are not necessarily related.


  1. Put it on the family website. lol too funny. Mom

  2. Oh, poor Christopher. That is hilarious. My niece took her ACT today in 7th grade too. She'll be at the Joseph Baldwin Academy this summer. Jeffrey went when he was a kid too.

  3. I think it's a great opportunity for these guys. If nothing else, it's good practice for him and us for when he's in high school!

    He's been nominated for the Baldwin Academy too, but not accepted yet, taking the ACT was part of that. We're trying to figure out how to pay for it if he does get accepted!

    That's neat the Jeffrey went there too!

  4. OH NO HE DIDN'T!!! hahahaha too funny. i would have gotten a picture of it too. :)