Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For My Brother

My baby brother, who is no longer a baby, left last week for Navy boot camp. He's at the same location as my sister who left in November.
Tomorrow is her graduation, and we hope we get to see him too.
Before he left, he requested a picture of my heels for motivation. Are you thinking - what the heck? How is that motivation? Let me tell you.
When they purposely teased me, I would take off a shoe, chase them around the house and smack them with it. I got a lot of good hits in too! Always though, the shoes I used were flats, but I made sure they had a floppy sole for maximum flicking.
I guess he thought the spikes would be an even bigger incentive.
Instead of just sending giving him a picture of my shoes though, I dressed it up a little for him. I've got an old frame I'm not using, so he can hang it if he wants. I hope I can give it to him in person on Thursday or Friday, but if not, I hope I can leave it for him. Most of all, I hope it brightens his time there.

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