Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Stamps are Here!

Just got my Coronado Island Design stamps today. Let me tell you how cool they are! Besides having great images - I'm now the gleeful owner of all the mermaid and winged images I've been drooling over since this summer, they gave me some knockout customer service. I buy unmounted from them, it's half the cost, and I can use them with my acryllic blocks. I forgot to mark one of the stamps as unmounted, they caught it and fixed it, adjusting the price accordingly for me. They also advertise free shipping on orders over $100. I assumed that would mean after the 50% discount. That total didn't reach $100, even though the total before the discount did. They were nice enough to base the shipping costs on my total before the discount. I am totally thrilled with this company so far. I forgot to mention too, they were nice enough to display some of the projects I made with their stamps a while back. If you're interested in mermaids and winged people and horses, check out Pam Ford on their site, that's who created all my new goodies. I also appreciate that they recycled paper for my packing list. There's a story on the back of my list, and I'm just fine with that. You can check out their site at
They have a gallery that blows me away, be sure to check it out. Great inspiration!

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