Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Managing Time, Part 2

Yesterday went well. I'm very happy with it.
I divided the day into before dinner and after.

Before: I worked from 1-6, so five hours. I was five minutes short of working four of those hours. I like those numbers. I'm up and down multiple times, and had to go pick up a child from one of his activities. That means, that when I was working, I was working.

After dinner: I worked from 7-11pm. That's four hours. I worked three hours and 12 minutes of that. I took a break in there for a family walk. Again, pretty doggone happy.

To look at the day as a whole, I worked from 1-11pm. I worked a little over seven of those 10 hours, compared to the day a week or so back that showed me logging in in the morning, then logging out 12 hours later, but only having three actual hours to show for it.

I think, even just comparing these two days, the unplugging experiment is working, so I'll stick with it. Shortly, I'll be shutting down my email, and turning the wifi off on my iPod so I can concentrate better on the work in front of me.

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