Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Library is so Cool! Pt. 2 - the Cats

They hosted people from the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue (you can find them on the web here ). They're located in Arkansas, and although they try to help out wild life in general, their main focus is the big cats. Cats that looked cute and adorable, but quickly grew to unmanageable in every way. They brought two cats with them, a tiger named India Nichole who is beautiful. Her previous owner actually thought it was a good idea to turn her loose in a state park (or some such similar place). Tiger, being the brilliant creature she is, was waiting for him on his front step in the next day or so - she'd travelled 60 miles to go home. His next attempt at getting rid of her was to make some phone calls. TCWR got a call and new they had to take her. I tried to get some good pictures for scrapping, but I didn't have a very good vantage point, and later on I realized the settings on my camera had been changed, so my flash wasn't working how I thought it was...I'm pretty bummed about that.
The next cat is just a youngster, a black panther named Spyke - he's breath taking! His parents were rescued when a private zoo in NY shut down. They didn't know the female was even pregnant, so they got a wonderful suprise about a month after they picked up the cats. I'm so disappointed my flash and I weren't in sync, because I think this picture would have been cute! The following one turned out better, but you just can't see as much of him as you can in the first one. Check out his eyes though, aren't they gorgeous?

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